Alfie Edward Leach-Brown


Alfie Edward Leach-Brown was born on the 20th July 2011 and we were told within 24 hours that there was something wrong with our baby, our world shattered there and then in front of us and there was nothing we could do to help him. We were told that Alfie had the worse case of SMA, Type 0-1, which is very rare, and we would only have a few weeks with our first born child.

Many thoughts and questions ran through our heads, "Have they got it wrong? This can’t be real, can it? Why us?" No mother thinks that after carrying her child for 9 months, she will only get a short time with her baby, let alone plan a funeral.

Alfie was in hospital for 4 long weeks, the longest weeks I ever had to go through, then he was allowed to come home and make memories with us, other than the four walls in NICU. We had 2 weeks and 4 days at home with our baby and they were the best 2 weeks and 4 days of our lives. We will be forever thankful for the time we had with Alfie, and every day is a struggle, but our Alfie was so strong till the very end that we can only repay him by being strong ourselves. We know he would want us to be.

Alfie fell asleep on the 4th September 2011, and even though he did die that day, he will live on forever though his family. For a small person he had the biggest heart and a smile that made the saddest days that much easier. We like to think that Alfie is with the Angels and plays with butterflies and paints us rainbows from time to time. Every single one of his family will love and miss him every second of everyday. He was our little fighter and because of that reason we will fight for a cure for SMA because no baby should be born dying.

We all love you Alfie, to the moon, the stars!

Love Mummy, Daddy, Nana Sam, Grandad Tex, Grandma Sally, Grandad Colin, Uncle Ashely, Tez and Darren, Aunty Emma, and Many Many more! xxx

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam..
And for a brief moment its glory and beauty belongs to our world..
But then it flies again..
And though we wish it could have stayed..
We feel lucky to have seen it.. 

Beautiful words for my beautiful son!

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