Local fundraising heroes pay Together for Short Lives a visit

20180213 102611Together for Short Lives' head office in Bristol has been paid a visit by local fundraising heroes, Paul and Kathleen Bennett, who together have raised an astonishing £3208.19 to support the charity’s vital work with families across the UK.

The couple’s fundraising journey began in response to their own experience of baby loss.

“32 years ago our only baby was stillborn, and since then we try to raise what we can for others”, says Kathleen.

In the years following their loss, Kathleen and Paul have devoted the festive period to their charitable work. Usually, the couple expect to raise between £2000 and £2500 for their chosen charity, a target they’ve smashed with this year’s bumper total.

The decision to fundraise over Christmas was made when Paul, 65, was given a Santa costume as part of the TV show, Noel Edmonds’ Christmas presents. Every year since, Paul has donned the red suit to shake hands and buckets throughout Bristol, even donating his fees from private events to charity.

In addition to his much-anticipated street collections and Christmas light switch-ons, Paul spreads the joy by taking part in a community fundraiser that sees him follow the fire brigade in his sleigh and listen to children’s Christmas wishes in his very own grotto.

Kathleen, 70, works in her local petrol station, where she and Paul team up to fund raise, spreading festive cheer to customers & their children. Aside from her work as “Mrs Claus”, Kathleen also contributes to the fundraising effort by baking and selling her famous cakes and pickled onions to local greengrocers.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to Paul and Kathleen for all their hard work over the Christmas period.

We love hearing about the wonderful (and quirky!) ways people raise money for us; pop us an email to tell us your story.

To learn more about how you can support seriously ill children by fundraising for Together for Short Lives, head over to our fundraising page.

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