The Engaging Communities Action Group (ECGA) is a UK-wide reference group. The group will review and agree the objectives for community engagement and help oversee the work, advising on how barriers can be overcome and impact maximized. 


The group’s vision is:

To create an inspiring and empowering climate of innovation for engaging communities in children’s palliative care, encouraging, recognising and rewarding simple, straightforward, sustainable, reliable and effective responses to the challenge.

Community engagement 2 smThe purpose of the work is to: 

  • raise awareness of the needs of children, young people and families living with a life-shortening condition within communities through education, empowerment and collective action
  • check that children and young people with palliative care needs are not isolated and where necessary to find ways of re-engaging children and young people with their local community and world around them
  • encourage local communities to consider how they might support children and families, and the services they use. 

Strategic objectives

1. Establish and build a UK-wide forum for exchanging ideas and innovation relating to engaging communities

2. Benchmark the capability and current activity of the sector in relation to community engagement

3.  Support the development of the sector’s skills and knowledge to lead and contribute to a range of diverse initiatives in community engagement in children’s palliative care.

4.  Expand the capacity of the sector to engage with the wider population

5.  Create opportunities to educate and raise awareness about children’s palliative care and the services available to support children, families and communities.

6.  Stimulate new community partnerships

7.  Foster compassionate communities across all cultures and geographies

8.   Provide a UK-wide hub of information, training, research and good practice in relation to community engagement

Members of the Engaging Communities Action Group

Peter Ellis
Chair of ECAG and CEO Richard House Children’s Hospice

Andy Goldsmith 
CEO Hope House Children’s Hospice

Anne Harris
Director of Care, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Jon Heggie 
Director of Fundraising, Children’s Hospice Association Scotland

Tina McCrossan
Director of Children’s Services, Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice

Katrina McNamara
Director of Practice and Service Development, Together for Short Lives

Peter Newman 
CEO, Dreams Come True

Clare Periton
CEO Helen & Douglas House Hospices for Children and Young People