Name of Principle Investigator: Lana Lowrey

Institutions involved: Kingston University London, St. George’s university London.

Research Question the project is seeking to answer: To consider grandparents roles and experiences of living with the impact of a grandchild utilising hospice services.

Name of research Ethics Committee that has approved the research: Kingston University & St. Georges university London faculty research ethics committee.

Date that Research Ethics approval was granted: Original approval November 2016. Minor amendments to widen recruitment and use of telephone/video interviews November 2017

How long is the project expected to take and how long will participants need to be involved? A one off interview lasting no more than 90 minutes. Whole project will run until summer 2018 with final report due for submission 2020.

Type of participants being sought (eg, children with particular conditions? Children of a particular age group? Bereaved families?): Grandparents whose grandchild has used or utilises hospice care.  Child must have a prognosis of >6 months or not have passed away in the last 6 months. Parents who have their parents involved in the family experience. Any medical condition

Dates for the recruitment phase: Until summer 2018.

What kind of involvement is needed (eg, face-to-face interview, telephone interview, questionnaire): One off interview either face to face or vis telephone/video call depending on location.  Time, date and location will be by mutual agreement for those involved. Follow up call 2 weeks after the interview to ensure no further support is required.

Where will the involvement take place (eg, in a particular hospital, at home): Either at the participant’s home or a mutual convenient location with privacy.

Contact 0208 417 2854


Why get involved?

Grandparents often play a vital role through practical tasks and social support in the care of children who access hospice services.  By Sharing your families experiences you can help to influence the experiences of families in the future. 

Is it for me?

Grandparents whose grandchild currently utilises or has utilised the services of a hospice or parents who have parents who are involved in the family experience.  You must speak fluent English . 

What is involved?

If you decide to be involved in this study, you will be invited to a one off interview, either face to face or telephone/video call,  at a place and time to suit you which should last no more than 90 minutes.  The interview will be recorded for accuracy, with your permission.

What should I do next?

To request more information please contact the researcher on the details below.  She will then contact you to answer any further questions before you decide whether to proceed.  You are free to withdraw from this study at any time. Contact: 0208 417 2854