The population of children and young people with life-shortening conditions is increasing, with medical advances meaning more children are living longer, with increasingly complex needs. We need to see services developed to meet these changing needs and a workforce right across the UK with the right skills to provide care and support.


Despite the increasing numbers of children who need palliative care, there is a shortage of staff with the right experience and knowledge to care for them. This shortage threatens to undermine the development of children’s palliative care across the UK and could result in children not receiving the right care and support. The shortage of skilled and experienced doctors and nurses is a serious and immediate challenge.

Caring for very poorly children and their families is the most rewarding job I can imagine. It can be tough at times, but it can also be inspiring and uplifting. I would urge anyone thinking about nursing as a career to consider working in children’s palliative care.” Sarah, Children’s Palliative Care Nurse

In the Help for Professionals section you can find out about some of the resources that are available to help develop your workforce. There is also plenty of useful information if you’re an individual looking to build your skills in children’s palliative care – whether you’re just starting your career, or you’ve been in the sector for years.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for, or if you have any questions, please contact Gillian Dickson, Workforce Development Manager.