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Assessing psychological well-being in mothers of children with disability: evaluation of the Parenting Morale Index and Family Impact of Childhood Disability scale

Journal title
Journal of pediatric psychology
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Benzies, K. M.; Trute, B.; Worthington, C.; Reddon, J.; Keown, L. A.; Moore, M.

OBJECTIVE: Process model of stress and coping guided psychometric assessment of two brief measures of psychological well-being: Parenting Morale Index (PMI); Family Impact of Childhood Disability (FICD) scale. METHODS: Canadian mothers (N=195) of children with disability (CWD) completed PMI, FICD, and validation measures (Brief Family Assessment Measure [FAM], Personal Well-Being Index, Positive and Negative Affect Schedule, General Self-Efficacy Scale, Social Desirability Scale) via computer-assisted telephone interview. Of these, 154 completed additional validation measures (Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale, Parenting Stress Index, Family Hardiness Index, Brief FAM) 1 year later. RESULTS: Factor structures of PMI and FICD were supported; both demonstrated internal consistency, temporal stability, and convergent and discriminant validity. After 1 year, PMI and FICD jointly predicted depressive symptoms, parenting stress, family hardiness, and family adjustment. CONCLUSION: PMI and FICD can identify mothers of CWD at risk for poor psychological well-being to increase the specificity of supports.

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