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Cardiac Disease Burden and Risk of Mortality in Hospitalized Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Journal title
Pediatric cardiology
Publication year
Punnoose, A. R.; Kaltman, J. R.; Pastor, W.; McCarter, R.; He, J.; Spurney, C. F.

As treatments of the extra-cardiac complications of muscular dystrophy (MD) improve, males with MD are more likely to develop cardiac disease. The impact of cardiomyopathy or heart failure (HF) and ventricular tachycardia (VT) on hospitalizations and in hospital mortality are not known. We performed an analysis of inpatient admission data for patients with MD using the Pediatric Health Information System database. We selected males who were 6 years or older with diagnosis codes of MD and cardiac disease including cardiomyopathy/HF and VT between 2003 and 2013. We created a logistic regression model to identify predictors of subsequent cardiac arrest or death in MD patients. We also compared hospital charges, lengths of stay and ages among MD patients with or without cardiac disease. Our logistic regression model showed that VT (OR 5.41, 95 % CI 2.83, 10.34) and cardiomyopathy/HF (OR 1.79, 95 % CI 1.05, 3.04) were risk factors for cardiac arrest or death. Of the 84 cardiac arrests or deaths in 3363 MD patients, 49 (58 %) were related to cardiac disease. Nineteen (39 %) of these events occurred in MD patients with VT. The mean hospital charges and the mean length of stay were greater and longer in MD patients with VT compared to those without cardiac disease and those with only cardiomyopathy/HF (p < 0.05). Cardiac disease is a significant burden in hospitalized MD patients. Our results suggest that VT and cardiomyopathy/HF are associated with an increased risk of cardiac arrest or death in MD patients.

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