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Effectiveness of Pediatric Palliative Care Education on Pediatric Clinicians

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Western journal of nursing research
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Peng, N. H.; Lee, C. H.; Lee, M. C.; Huang, L. C.; Chang, Y. C.; DeSwarte-Wallace, J.

A lack of knowledge and skills in pediatric palliative care may create hesitation in caring for children with serious life-threatening conditions and their families. Our research examined the effectiveness of pediatric palliative care training for pediatric clinicians. A pretest-posttest study provided educational training in pediatric palliative care to pediatric clinicians and used a pretest and a posttest to assess outcomes. Fifty pediatric clinicians attended this research with 83.3% response rate. After training, participants reported significantly increased confidence in a variety of areas, including providing emotional support to clinicians, personal knowledge, skills, and communication; ethical and legal concerns; and providing emotional support to dying children and their families. Results showed a significant main effect of training on confidence levels ( p < .000). This suggests that education can effectively boost pediatric clinicians' confidence regarding providing pediatric palliative care and therefore should regularly be provided to clinicians.

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