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Family management style framework and its use with families who have a child undergoing palliative care at home

Journal title
Journal of family nursing
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Bousso, R. S.; Misko, M. D.; Mendes-Castillo, A. M.; Rossato, L. M.

Palliative care settings in many countries acknowledge families as their prime focus of care, but in Brazil, to date, researchers have devoted scant attention to that practice setting. In this article, we report the findings of a study that explored how families define and manage their lives when they have a child or adolescent undergoing palliative care at home. Data included individual semistructured interviews with 14 family members of 11 different families. Interviews were transcribed and the coding procedure featured qualitative content analysis methods. The deductive coding was based on the major components of the Family Management Style Framework and the eight dimensions comprising these components. The analysis provides insight into families’ daily practices and problems inherent in managing their everyday lives that are encountered when they have a child in palliative care. The article features discussion of implications for the palliative care related development of family nursing practice.

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