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Presence of eggs of Toxocara spp. and hookworms in a student environment in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Revista brasileira de parasitologia veterinaria = Brazilian journal of veterinary parasitology : Orgao Oficial do Colegio Brasileiro de Parasitologia Veterinaria
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Gallina, T.; Silva, M. A.; Castro, L. L.; Wendt, E. W.; Villela, M. M.; Berne, M. E.

Environmental contamination by parasite forms was studied on a university campus in the municipality of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. Soil samples were analyzed using the modified Caldwell & Caldwell technique to identify parasite forms. Nematode eggs were detected in 62% of the samples. Among the parasites detected, eggs of Toxocara spp. and Ancylostomatidae were the most prevalent parasites in the studied area throughout the study period. The results demonstrated that there is significant environmental contamination, thereby representing a risk of zoonotic infection for humans frequenting the study area.

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