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Quality of life among adolescents with cancer

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Ward-Smith, P.; Hamlin, J.; Bartholomew, J.; Stegenga, K.

The purpose of this study is to enable adolescents with cancer to self-evaluate their quality of life (QoL). Data were collected using a newly developed Likertscaled QoL instrument. In addition, each participant could comment on how the variable impacted his or her QoL. Demographic data were self-disclosed to describe the sample population of 75 adolescents (41 males and 34 females). Overall QoL scores ranged from 27 to 48 (mean = 41.27, SD = 4.31) of a possible 48. Quality of life scores were lowest among those who were female and presently receiving therapy. Overall reliability for the instrument is acceptable ( r = .77). These data reveal that adolescents are aware that their QoL is affected by cancer and its treatment. This instrument demonstrates scores that are statistically different (P = .000) between those presently receiving treatment compared with those not receiving treatment. Although not statistically significant, mean scores for females were lower than for males (P = .030), regardless of other variables. Further administration and psychometric testing of the instrument is planned.

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