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Sickle cell Nephropathy in children seen in an African Hospital – Case Report

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The Nigerian postgraduate medical journal
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Adedoyin, O. T.; Adesiyun, O. O.; Adegboye, O. A.; Bello, O. A.; Fatoye, O. P.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To determine and report the occurrence of overt renal presentations in children with sickle cell disease seen over the last 14 years (1995-2009) at the Emergency Paediatric Unit and Paediatric Ward and followed up at the Paediatric Nephrology clinic of University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin (UITH). PATIENTS AND METHODS: The five cases with overt renal presentations seen during the period were reported and analyzed for age, sex, and renal manifestations. RESULTS: The age range of the children was 9-15years with a mean of 11years. Four of the five patients were females, with one male. Three of the four females presented with features suggestive of nephrotic syndrome (NS) while the other one had gross haematuria which resolved within 24 hours. The only male had enuresis. The NS in one of the patients progressed to end stage renal disease requiring renal replacement therapy. CONCLUSION: Children with sickle cell disease should be screened for renal complications especially from the late first decade of life. This will help in the early detection of renal disorder that could lead to chronic kidney disease. It is also suspected that the severe forms of SCN such as NS may have a predilection for the female gender. A more extensive study is needed to test the veracity of this observation.

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