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The Management of Complex Pain in Children Referred to a Pain Clinic at a Tertiary Children’s Hospital in Australia

Journal title
The Journal of orthopaedic and sports physical therapy
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Collins, J.; Haynes, N.; Klingberg, H.; Nicholas, H.; Pounder, M.; Sandells, R.

Synopsis One of the key aspects of good health care for children and young people is the prevention and management of pain. The experience of persistent pain in children and adolescents not only has a major impact on physical, emotional, social, and developmental well-being, but also impacts the broader world, which includes family, school, and social networks. The multidisciplinary pediatric pain clinic adopts a holistic approach to care through a biopsychosocial model. One outcome of an initial pediatric pain clinic review is the creation of a pain management plan that addresses the pharmacological, physical, psychological, and other domains of care. Pediatric pain clinics are improving access by embracing technology through tele-health and internet-based treatment options. Outcome measurement will guide the development of models of care in the future. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 2017;47(10):806-813. Epub 12 Sep 2017. doi:10.2519/jospt.2017.7355.

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