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Please ask your MP to help protect NHS funding for children’s hospices

Everything children’s hospices do is #ForTheChildren – helping families make the most of their lives together, no matter how short. The annual Children’s Hospice Grant, paid directly to children’s hospices in England by NHS England, is vital in helping them to provide sustainable care and support to seriously ill children and young people. The total grant for the whole of England will increase to £25million next year, which children’s hospices are incredibly grateful for.

However, NHS England will not commit to directly providing the grant to children’s hospices beyond 2023/24. As inflation soars, children’s hospices expect to spend more during 2022/23 meeting the increasingly complex needs of the children and families they care for. A report by Together for Short Lives shows that local NHS funding for children’s hospices is patchy.

Without access to the grant, the level of lifeline care that children’s hospices currently provide could be put at risk.

Together for Short Lives is calling on the UK Government and NHS England to protect and extend the Children’s Hospice Grant beyond 2023/24.

Please email your local MP to ask them to write to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to ask what steps they are taking to make sure that NHS England maintains the Children’s Hospice Grant beyond 2023/24.

Thank you for your help.

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