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The CoPPAR network


Together for Short Lives is delighted to be working in partnership with the Martin House Research Centre and the Association of Paediatric Palliative Medicine to host a UK wide Collaborative Paediatric Palliative Care Network (CoPPAR). The CoPPAR network aims to foster research in the children’s palliative care sector, develop research partnerships and deliver national high quality research.

Addressing the current gap in quality research in paediatric palliative care requires a shared and collaborative response between the academic and paediatric palliative care sector. Our aim is to provide a UK wide Collaborative Paediatric Palliative Care network that will foster and assist the sectors to work alongside one another to deliver national high-quality research studies.

Our objectives

  • To work with eight sites (including children’s hospices or NHS palliative care teams) to develop research readiness using methods that can be scaled up to other hospices and NHS paediatric palliative care sites.
  • To deliver a series of educational webinars on key components of research activity.
  • To establish a process whereby those developing and delivering research studies can access a network of PPI partners.
  • To offer mentor opportunities to staff interested in a research career to apply for fellowships including NIHR predoctoral or doctoral awards.
  • To develop guidance on appropriate research methods in palliative and end of life care in children.
  • To develop a minimum of 2 bids for the stage 2 of the NIHR commissioned call on palliative and end of life care.

Our vision

The vision of CoPPAR is that it will become the single point of information for all pediatric palliative care research across the UK that can be accessed by researchers, clinicians, parents and young people, and policy makers to enable more effective and efficient delivery of research in this sector.

In March we held our first webinar to introduce CoPPAR and explore the idea of research and its importance in the children’s palliative care sector. You can watch the webinar below:

Get involved

The next webinar we are holding is on 14 June, and will feature Dr George Peat from Martin House Research Centre and Lucy Coombs from Kings College London as a speaker, looking at the question of how to engage, involve and work with patients, parents, carers and members of the public in paediatric palliative care research. The webinar is free to join and you can register for it here.

If you want to find out more about the CoPPAR project get in touch with Professor Lorna Fraser   or Dr George Peat.