Together for Short Lives
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How we support you

Together for Short Lives fundraisers

Taking part in an event for Together for Short Lives, or thinking of doing your own fundraising? We will be here every step of the way with any fundraising support and advice you need!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An amazingly-stylish Together for Short Lives t-shirt or vest
  • Balloons
  • Together for Families newsletter
  • Support, encouragement, fundraising tips and advice at the end of the phone, whenever you need it
  • Downloadable Fundraising Guide, which includes information about:
    • Giving pages
    • Promoting your fundraising on social media
    • How to pay in your sponsorship money
    • Fundraising ideas
  • If you’d like a hard copy of the Fundraising Guide, please let us know by contacting
  • You can also request a letter to prove you’re raising money for us and a bucket or tin if you are doing a supermarket collection, or collection at your local pub or hair salon. If you have your own tins or buckets, we can send you official Together for Short Lives labels.

Giving pages

Any sponsorship you raise via an online giving page comes directly to us, making it easy for you, your donors, and the charity. It’s a quick and convenient way for friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you by debit or credit card, and makes it easy to share your fundraising far and wide on your social media. Just Giving also provides loads of tips and tricks to maximise your fundraising!