Together for Short Lives
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Briggs Equipment UK colleagues – we need your help

Together for Short Lives is here to make sure the UK’s 99,000 seriously ill children and their families can make the most of every moment they have together, whether that’s for years, months or only hours.

While we can’t change the diagnosis, we want to make sure that no family has to suffer through their child’s short life alone and can treasure every moment they have together.

And that’s where you come in, Briggs colleagues.

We have the incredible opportunity to be your next charity partner, but we need your help to get there! Whether you’re based in Cannock or Cumbernauld, Abingdon or Lisburn, your office will be twinned with your local children’s hospice, making a direct difference to the seriously ill children and families in your local community.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

You’ll help families like Talia’s

Talia was born with a number of serious medical conditions. Soon after she was born, doctors had to tell her parents the devastating news that they were unsure how long she would survive.

Talia spent her first few days undergoing a ‘cooling process’ to slow brain damage. In the following 12 months, this remarkable little girl caught bronchiolitis, underwent heart surgery, fought off bacterial meningitis and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, CHARGE syndrome and vocal palsy, deaf and underwent an operation to be given a tracheostomy.

A young girl with brown hair is pictured smiling at a nurse
Talia and her family have been supported by the incredible teams at Alexander Devine for most of her life

Alexander Devine stepped in and made such an unforgettable impact on our lives. We count our blessings for the continuous support they give us.

Gemma, Talia's mum

After a whole year of being in hospital, Talia was finally discharged and able to go home. But with ongoing complex medical conditions, she needed 24/7 care. Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service was there to give her family the vital support they needed to cope with everyday life. They provided opportunities for Talia to do things other children her age would do and gave Talia’s parents the much-needed respite they deserved.

“Alexander Devine stepped in and made such an unforgettable impact on our lives. We count our blessings for the continuous support they give us. They’ve enabled us to watch Talia enjoy a new, safe and exciting environment at their hospice, given us respite from her medical demands and most importantly backed us as a family through every step of our journey.” – Gemma, Talia’s mum.

A vote for Together for Short Lives is a vote for children like Talia in your local community.