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My Children’s Hospice Week Challenge

This is . . . Children's Hospice Week

This is your chance to do something amazing – take on a personal fundraising challenge this Children’s Hospice Week (22-28 June). Just spin our wheel of fortune to get started…

When you’ve spun the wheel and found your challenge, set up your own Just Giving page so your friends and family can sponsor you. You can then share your progress on social media!

Find out more about your Children’s Hospice Week challenge…

  • The rainbow challenge: Become a one-person rainbow and make sure no item of clothing you wear all week is the same colour
  • Go sugar-free: Give up sugar for the week
  • TV ban: Don’t watch TV at all for the week
  • Buzz word bingo: Have your team or family/friends decide a word/phrase you can’t say this week – donate £1 for each time you use your buzz word
  • Step up: Aim to walk 70,000 steps this week
  • Call waiting: Turn your phone off for two hours each day this week
  • The press up challenge: Complete 20 press ups each day this week
  • The sit up challenge: Complete 20 sit ups each day this week
  • The 50 quid challenge: Raise £50 for Together for Short Lives however you want – host a quiz night, take on a running challenge, or just make a donation!

Get involved

Whatever you decide to do for Children’s Hospice Week please make sure you get involved and let everyone know what you’re doing. You can use #ChildrensHospiceWeek on any social media, and we’ve also got Children’s Hospice Week Facebook Cover Images and Zoom Backgrounds that you can download and use. And if you’re on Instagram search for our special Children’s Hospice Week stickers during the week.

We’d love to see how you get on, so don’t forget to tag your posts with #ChildrensHospiceWeek or feel free to add our social handles into your posts: we’re @togetherforshortlives on Facebook and Instagram, and @tog4shortlives on Twitter.

Set up your Just Giving page

Set up your sponsorship page, and then share with your friends and family, telling them about all the money you want to raise to support Children's Hospices across the UK