Together for Short Lives
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Leave a legacy

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Leave a lasting legacy by using your Will to help children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions make the most of life.

None of our work would be possible without the kindness of those who support us. And it’s because we are committed to the best care and support for children that we encourage everyone to consider a gift in their Will to help.

Legacies are special gifts from one generation to another. Your loved ones come first, but you can also use your Will to help secure the best quality of life for a seriously ill child and their family. We can’t find a cure or change a diagnosis but together we can help families make the most of life – no matter how short.

A gift in your Will; a gift of a lifetime

In the future, your legacy could help us to reach out to more families by funding the services in most need of support at that time. We rely heavily on voluntary donations, and legacies play a vital part in helping to make sure we are here year on year to support children who may not reach adulthood and their families.

Leaving a legacy doesn’t cost you a penny now, but could make a lifetime of difference in the future.

Please contact 0117 989 7820 and choose the fundraising option for more information about legacies.