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Supporting Siblings Workshop (online) – 16 July

Join us and other families caring for a seriously ill child and find out how you can support your sibling children, as a parent of a child with a life-limiting illness.

Many parents report that they find it hard to focus on their sibling child’s needs.  How do you find time to create special moments with your sibling child and help them to get the support they need?  This practical workshop will help to support your relationship with your sibling child.

This 60 minute online workshop will focus on three key areas:

  • Our family – when your family might look a little different to other families you know, how do you talk about the good stuff and the tricky stuff?  We will share a scrapbook activity idea to help your sibling child think about their brother or sister, pets and their wider family.  This is aimed at younger children but can be adapted for older children.
  • Celebrating siblings – Many parents tell us that that their sibling child gets overlooked because there is so much else to think about in their family.  We will share some ideas about how you can celebrate your sibling child, including some appreciation postcards you can use at home to tell siblings how much you value them.
  • Identifying sibling support – Siblings can sometimes feel alone with their worries and feel that they don’t want to bother you when you are so busy.  Our Hand of Support exercise is a fun craft activity that will also help siblings to know they aren’t alone and help you both to identify a circle of support around them.  If time allows, we will also show you how to help siblings make a wellbeing first aid kit.

This workshop will be facilitated by the charity Sibs.

Families will be sent a box ahead of the session containing items to help parents spend time with their sibling child. The group will be small, with no more than 15 parents taking part.

This workshop has been designed for parents and grandparents, to provide tools to use with sibling children after the workshop has ended.

When and where

When: Tuesday 16 July, 8pm – 9pm

Where: online