Teddy Ray Richardson


Teddy Ray is the first born of Rebecca and Ryan. He was a much longed for baby and his conception and birth were much celebrated; a gift from God, our blessing.

“Sometimes love lasts a moment. Sometimes love lasts a lifetime. Sometimes a moment is a lifetime.” 

We intend as a family to carry on loving him and remembering him always; because his life was not in vain and LOVE is his legacy.


  • Felicity- Teddy's proud auntie. 08 December 2012, 07:43

    Always in my heart, never far from my mind. Adore my beautiful & much missed nephew. On & on & on...

  • Sheryl - Teddy's Mamma 21 May 2013, 06:55

    Oh Teddy; how I love and miss you. On and on . . . xxx

  • Rebecca- Teddy's Mummy 13 September 2013, 11:12

    Teddy- a most precious gift to me; now to the world. 'They cut me down but I leapt up high- I am the life that will never ever die'. Dance Teddy wherever you may be!!! Mummies love always xxx

  • sarah-jane campton 16 December 2013, 13:43

    Happy birthday Teddy Ray xxx

  • Jessica Foster 02 April 2014, 12:40

    Remembering you today and always beautiful angel! Shine on and on and on... xxx

  • Helle, Paul and Kate 02 April 2014, 21:25

    Good luck to you all in the mud!

    Teddy's legacy is love


  • The Camptons 15 December 2015, 21:18

    Thinking of you Teddy Ray on the eve of your 4th birthday X
    Donation made in your memory

  • Sarah Campton 27 October 2017, 15:48

    In association with Ady PT James I’ve donated half my hoodie fee in memory of Teddy

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