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Bereavement support

Many families tell us that their bereavement began when they received a poor prognosis for their child. Bereavement support should be available through your whole care journey.

No one can anticipate quite how they will feel or react after the death of their child and you will find your own way of coping with the sadness of bereavement. Remember, it is natural and healthy to grieve.

Services that have supported your family are best placed to discuss what type of support is available to help you through the initial stages of your bereavement. Whether it be counselling, therapies or just time to remember your child as a family, do allow yourselves to take time out of everyday life and share how you are feeling.

There are many local and national organisations that offer different types of bereavement support – face to face, group and online. Details of some of these are available on our service directory and Family Factsheet on Parent Support Groups.

Some families find it comforting to connect with others facing similar situations. If you would like to do that, you can join our  Families Together Facebook group, or opt to receive our Together for Families newsletter (by email or hard copy).

If you have questions, want support, or would like to share your experiences with others, send us an email or leave a message on 0808 8088 100 to speak to one of our team.