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Transition to adult services

Transition to adult services

Every young person with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition deserves a smooth transition to adult services. Our vision is that all young people approaching adulthood with life-limiting conditions will make the transition to adult services and live their lives as independently as possible according to their wishes, while receiving the care and support they and their families need.

Together for Short Lives has been developing of a coordinated approach to providing care and support to young people with life-limiting conditions for over 10 years. We have been working with everyone who has an interest in improving transition for young adults with life-limiting conditions, including establishing a Transition Taskforce that we led from 2014-2017 to overcome the barriers to good transition for young people with life-limiting conditions, by building and strengthening bridges between adult and children’s services, and establishing regional action groups on transition.

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Our work to support and develop work towards better transitions for young people continues. Our Improving Transition for Young People Fund offers grants to fund the development of innovation in the area of transition. We continue to engage with the Transition Regional Action Groups that were established as part of our Transition Taskforce. And the key information and resources we developed – including our care pathway and a series of webinars – are all available in our resource library. If you have any questions regarding transition please get in touch.