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Informing our consultation responses

Together for Short Lives provides a voice for our members across the UK. We speak up for children, families, services and professionals, offering them opportunities to shape our responses to consultations and inquiries which have the potential to affect them. Find out here about the current opportunities to have your say and inform how we respond.

Organs and tissues to be excluded from the new ‘opt-out’ organ donation system in England

Consultation closes
29 Apr - 22 Jul 2019

The Department of Health and Social Care has launched a consultation asking for views on what organs and tissues should be excluded from the new opt-out organ donation system. From...

Funding for SEND and those who need Alternative Provision

Consultation closes
3 May - 31 Jul 2019

The Department for Education have launched a call for evidence on the funding arrangements for young people with SEND and those who need alternative provision. The Department are aware of...

Changing Places toilets

Consultation closes
12 May - 21 Jul 2019

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is seeking views on how they can increase provision of Changing Places toilets in specific new, large buildings commonly used by the...

Children and young people’s continuing care

Consultation closes
17 May - 9 Aug 2019

The Welsh Government is seeking views on on updated guidance about continuing care for children and young people. Continuing Care is care provided over an extended period of time to...

Children’s Cancer Services

Consultation closes
5 Jun - 4 Aug 2019

NHS England has launched a 60-day consultation to seek views on proposed changes to children's cancer services. These are used by children aged between 0 and 16. In some cases,...

Scottish Affairs Committee Welfare policy in Scotland inquiry

Consultation closes
24 Jun - 2 Aug 2019

The Scottish Affairs Committee has launched an inquiry into Welfare in Scotland. The Committee will consider the following questions: What are the unique drivers of inequality in Scotland? Does Scotland...

Implementing the NHS long-term plan

Consultation closes
9 Jul - 22 Aug 2019

The Health and Social Care Committee is conducting a short inquiry in the run-up to the November 2019 Budget, aimed at assessing the case for investment in each of the...

Children’s social care workforce inquiry

Consultation closes
17 Jul - 30 Aug 2019

The Education Committee has launched an inquiry which aims to look at the children's social care workforce, examining what is needed from social work, and by social workers, to ensure...