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Energy Support

Support with energy bills

If you are caring for a seriously ill child with complex medical needs at home you may have high energy bills because you rely on specialist equipment or need to keep your home warm at all times. This page gives some advice on energy bills and how we can support you.

From December you will be able to call our Helpline to book an appointment with our Energy Adviser. They will be supporting families to use energy safely, efficiently and affordably.

In the meantime, if you are struggling financially, we can support you via our helpline:

Call: 0808 8088 100

We recommend you investigate the following three things:

  • Sign up to join the Priority Service Register
  • Make sure you are accessing all benefits you are entitled to
  • Receive a rebate for energy use on any specialist equipment

The Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register is a free support service offered by energy and water suppliers. It identifies people who need priority support in a gas emergency. By registering for the free service, you will receive extra help if you’re without your gas supply either in an emergency or because of planned work. You might receive electric heating and cooking appliances or even alternative accommodation to keep you safe and warm while you’re without gas.

You can register for the Priority Service Register if you:

  • Rely on medical equipment
  • Have refrigerated medicines
  • Are living with a serious or chronic illness
  • Have a disability
  • Have children under five in the home.

The register is free and confidential and you can sign up in a number of ways. regardless of your supplier (who you pay your bills to) you can register here.

If you have any problems with the online form – you can contact:

Phone: SGN’s careline on 0800 975 1818


Benefits and rebates

Depending on where you live you may qualify for various winter fuel payments, fuel vouchers or Local Authority grant schemes to help with energy bills. The charity Marie Curie provides more information on what payments are available while the charity Turn2Us has a benefits calculator. Or contact our helpline if you have any questions about this.

If you rely on specialist medical equipment to care for your child you can receive a rebate of the cost of electricity to run the equipment. To receive the rebate you should contact the supplier or manufacturer of your equipment, and they should be able to organise this for you.