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Improving digital services for healthcare professionals

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Photo of the Together for Short Lives and JP Morgan Force For Good project team

In the challenging world of children’s palliative care our 10 year strategy aims to make better use of digital tools to improve access, quality and sustainability for the people who support and care for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families.

An important step in this journey will be in supporting the healthcare professionals who deliver children’s palliative care to develop and share expertise across the sector.

So we’re delighted to have just begun work with a team of digital professionals from JP Morgan will spend part of their working week over the next eight months helping us to define, design, build and launch new digital educational services for healthcare professionals and care givers.

The project, which is part of JP Morgan’s “Force for Good” programme, kicked off on Tuesday with a workshop at the London Offices of JP Morgan in Canary Wharf.

The project team, which includes software engineers, user experience specialists and technical designers, spent the afternoon finding out more about:

  • Together for Short Lives, our mission, values, strategy and our people and what they do
  • Children’s palliative care, its challenges and the range of healthcare professionals and care givers it touches (by no means just specialists in the field)
  • The needs of differing types healthcare professionals and care givers in terms of children’s palliative care learning and resources and current problems accessing that information
  • Together for Short Lives, and other organisations, existing digital resources and technology to build from

By the end of the afternoon all of us were energised and enthused and looking forward to getting going.

The next two months of the joint project will be spent continuing to collaborate and define the problem and needs for this important area of children’s palliative care provision.

Then the JP Morgan team will use their expertise to suggest the best digital solutions to help us , and then their digital development skills and knowledge to collaboratively build those solutions with us.

At the end of the project we’ll be left with exciting new digital services that we can continue to grow and develop, which truly feels like a “Force for Good”

Nick Spencer is Head of Digital at Together for Short Lives

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