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New digital platform will transform hospital admissions for seriously ill children

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Today marks the launch of our brand new My Care Transfer resource, a bespoke digital platform for families looking after seriously ill children or young people.

Using the platform, families can ensure that important information about their child’s care is communicated to healthcare professionals.

For families looking after seriously ill children, admission to hospital can be made more stressful when key information isn’t easily accessible. Healthcare professionals may be unfamiliar with the specificities of a child’s condition and won’t be aware of their individual care preferences. My Care Transfer provides a space where families can keep, view and share this information. Easily accessible on desktop, mobile phones and tablets, families can register and fill in a form, which generates a document they can update, print and send whenever they need to share their information with professionals.

Care transfer documents created on the platform can hold information on emergency care plans, personal care preferences, daily routines, allergies, and symptom management, so families always have important information at their fingertips.

The platform is the last in a series of resources generously supported by the Bupa UK Foundation, focusing on supporting seriously ill young people moving to adult services. While My Care Transfer can be used by families with a seriously ill child of any age, it will be particularly useful for those making the transition to adult services, ensuring no key information is lost when young people move between children’s and adult services.

Lizzie Chambers, Development Director at Together for Short Lives, said,

“On top of caring ‘round the clock and juggling endless medical appointments, families who look after a child or young person with complex medical needs often encounter healthcare professionals who are unfamiliar with their child’s care plans and preferences. My Care Transfer will help families communicate this important information about their child’s care, in turn enabling care professionals to tailor their support to the child’s individual needs and preferences”

Suzannah is a parent looking after a child with a life-limiting condition,

“I think this is a great care transfer resource. It’s informative, detailed and gives a clear 360 degree look at the person in question and their entire package of needs.”

Margaret, mum to Iwan, who has a life-limiting condition said,

“I’ve spent the last couple of evenings getting familiar with the My Care Transfer tool and I really like it. It’s easy to navigate, and has all relevant and important information. I like the fact that you can link to other documents, add to the plan at any time and that pages can be printed out.”

Helen Finlinson, is the Day Services Manager at St Elizabeth Hospice Ipswich,

“This tool is the answer to something we have been needing for some time: a patient-held record that enables information to be collected together to support transition.  So much gets lost in transition, but this tool will provide a solution.  We are excited to start using this resource to aid the smooth and effective transition between children’s and adult’s services.”

My Care Transfer is now available on the Together for Short Lives website.

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