Together for Short Lives
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Anglo Doorstep Collections

Throughout 2023, UK-based recycling business Anglo-Recycling is donating £2,000 a month to support our Family Support Hub.

Through regular, free collections from households, they prevent unwanted items such as clothing, toys and household goods from going to landfill, by selling or donating items. And since 2021, they have raised over a phenomenal £200,000 for the charities they support.

We all have a part to play in creating a better world and that ethos sits at the very heart of what we do. Together for Short Lives provides a crucial service to families facing some of the most challenging circumstances and we are proud to help them create a lasting and meaningful difference through their Family Support Hub.

Robert Pretorius and Anthony Al-Ghabban, Directors of Anglo Doorstep Collections

Our Family Support Hub provides practical, emotional, and financial support to families caring for children with a life-limiting or life-threatening illness across the UK, like Dee’s.

When Dee’s daughter Tilly, who lives with Rett Syndrome, broke her leg, Dee reached out to our helpline for support.

“Having somebody to speak to was a massive relief. They recognized my feelings and offered compassion and gentle strategies to help me cope with a really difficult time. If I am honest, their helpline pulled me out of a very difficult place. I felt empowered after our conversations, and I knew I would be able to manage it all.”

Click here to book a collection and support seriously ill children and their families across the country.