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Implementation of an oral care protocol and its effects on oral mucositis

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Hogan, R.

Oral complications are commonly seen in pediatric oncology patients. Induced by chemotherapy or radiation, oral mucositis is a debilitating side effect that has much clinical significance. Oral mucositis may decrease the effectiveness of treatment as well as decrease the quality of life in the pediatric oncology patient. Therefore, it is our responsibility as health care professionals to reduce the incidence and/or severity of mucositis as much as possible. One intervention that has been proven to be successful is basic oral hygiene implemented through an oral care protocol. It is important that nurses are educated on the significance of adequate dental hygiene and the process and need for institutional change of protocols. Nurses and other health care professionals can positively influence patient care by incorporating the evidence-based practice of an oral care protocol- improving consistency of care while promoting an intervention of proven benefit against oral mucositis.

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