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Transition to Adult Services Pathway

Stepping Up: A guide to enabling a good transition to adulthood for young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions is our care pathway for teenagers and young adults with life-threatening, life-limiting or complex medical conditions.

The guide provides a generic and minimum framework that can be adapted locally to plan more detailed local service provision. The pathway sets out five standards across three phases of care for young people:

· Preparing for adulthood

· Preparing to move on

· Settling in to adult services

Providing care for young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions is complex because of the interaction between the many services that they need to support them to achieve their goals in life, from both children’s and adults’ services. Young people will need support from a range of agencies to enable them to achieve what they want in life, alongside support from health professionals and palliative care services to meet their complex health needs. The pathway provides a multi-agency framework to support local planning and is written from the perspective of health services being the lead agency in this process because the young people we are concerned with have such significant health issues.

Stepping Up is guided by standards at each stage of the journey, underpinned by a series of goals. We have produced a Standards Framework with an associated self-assessment audit tool relating to the standards and the goals in Stepping Up. This will enable teams to map how their service currently performs and think about areas for development the areas where the standards may not be fully met.

We also have available an online guide to transition for young people and a Factsheet for Parents that mirrors the Stepping Up pathway for professionals – these resources are linked to below.


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If you would like to receive a printed copy or copies of the pathway, please complete the form below and we will be in touch to arrange delivery. Generally printed resources are available at no charge for young-people, families and care professionals. However, especially when multiple copies are requested, we may ask for a contribution towards postage and printing costs. Unfortunately we are unable to post outside of the UK.