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Children’s Hospice Diversity Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to help children’s hospice services to address the challenges and barriers faced in delivering services to children, young people and families from diverse communities. Although we have designed it for the use of our member children’s hospice services, we hope that many other organisations will benefit from this resource.

Children’s hospice services are committed to equality of opportunity and ensuring that the needs of children, young people and families in diverse communities are met. This toolkit is intended to assist in them in achieving this through:

  • Enabling a shared understanding of what diversity means
  • Identifying the legislative requirements
  • Showcasing best practice and barriers to achieving this
  • Highlighting and addressing organisational challenges
  • Providing a framework for planning and implementing service improvements as needed.

The toolkit may highlight the need for the introduction of new procedures. Or it might help identify basic national legislation that some organisations have yet to address. Diversity and inclusion practice needs to be integrated into the strategy of all organisations thereby ensuring that it permeates at every level.

The toolkit is available as a free download using the link to the right.