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Perinatal/neonatal palliative care: Effecting improved knowledge and multi-professional practice of midwifery and children's nursing students through an inter-professional education initiative

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Nurse education in practice
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Price, J. E.; Mendizabal-Espinosa, R. M.; Podsiadly, E.; Marshall-Lucette, S.; Marshall, J. E.

This paper presents a study that examines the potential value of a new and innovative inter-professional education (IPE) experience for final year midwifery and children's nursing students focused on improving awareness of end-of-life care for infants in conjunction with the support of their families. The study uses an action research approach to examine midwifery and children's nursing student experiences of an IPE initiative in developing knowledge regarding perinatal/neonatal palliative care. The setting is a Higher Education Institute in the South of England that included final year midwifery students (n?=?39) and children's nursing students (n?=?34) taking part in the study. Qualitative and quantitative data indicated that the IPE intervention had proven worth in developing knowledge and confidence in the students as both student groupings felt they lacked knowledge and confidence about perinatal/neonatal palliative care before attending the study day. Students felt that learning with, from and about the other profession represented was important in generating their knowledge. Educators should explore innovative ways to enable the further development of the fledgling speciality of perinatal/neonatal palliative care through education on an interprofessional platform.

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