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The Psychosocial Assessment Tool (PAT2.0): psychometric properties of a screener for psychosocial distress in families of children newly diagnosed with cancer

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Pai, A. L.; Patino-Fernandez, A. M.; McSherry, M.; Beele, D.; Alderfer, M. A.; Reilly, A. T.; Hwang, W. T.; Kazak, A. E.

Purpose Psychometric properties of the Psychosocial Assessment Tool 2.0 (PAT2.0), a brief screener for psychosocial risk in families of children with cancer, are presented. METHODS: Female (N = 132) and male (N = 72) caregivers of 141 children newly diagnosed with cancer completed the PAT2.0 and measures of child behavior symptoms, anxiety, acute stress, and family functioning to establish validity. Internal consistency and test-retest reliability of the PAT2.0 were also examined. RESULTS: Internal consistency and two-week test-retest for the PAT2.0 Total score was strong. Validity for the PAT2.0 was supported by significant correlations between the PAT2.0 subscales and measures of corresponding constructs. PAT2.0 Total scores were correlated with acute stress and child behavior symptoms for both mothers and fathers. Receiver-Operating Characteristic curves provided preliminary support for the proposed cutoffs. CONCLUSION: The PAT2.0 Total score is a useful screening tool for family psychosocial risk in the pediatric oncology population.

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