Children's Palliative Care Voices Podcast: APPG listens to Lucy Watts

Welcome to a series of podcasts called children’s palliative care voices from Together for Short Lives, the leading UK charity that, together with our members, speaks out for children and young people who are expected to have short lives. Our first podcasts are recordings of oral evidence sessions held by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children Who Need Palliative Care. The All-Party Group, or APPG for short, is a group of MPs and peers at Westminster with a specific interest in improving the quality of life - and quality of end of life care - for the 49,000 babies, children and young people in the UK who have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. During 2017 and 2018, Together for Short Lives is supporting the APPG to conducting an inquiry into the extent to which the UK government’s end of life care choice commitment is being met for children in England. This oral evidence session is part of that inquiry.

During our first podcast, you can hear the APPG’s co-chairs, the MPs Catherine McKinnell and Dr Caroline Johnson, hear evidence from Lucy Watts MBE, a young woman who has a life-limiting condition. This evidence session is one of several which the APPG is holding as part of its inquiry, all of which Together for Short Lives will issue as subsequent podcasts. If you would like to know more about Together for Short Lives, or how you can support our vital work, please visit our website at

You can download and listen to our podcast here

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