The Scottish Children's & Young People’s Palliative Care Network (SCYPPCN)      

This network meets on a quarterly basis at locations throughout the country and membership is open to any interested practitioners (such as Children Community Nurses, Commissioners of Children’s Services, Education workers, Paediatric Consultants with special interest in palliative care, those working with children and young people with complex needs or disabilities) working in Scotland.      

SCYPPCN is a national multi-agency group established to work together to ensure that palliative care for children and young people and their families s delivered in a seamless and integrated way across Scotland.

The SCYPPCN vision for children's palliative care is one of well-coordinated services and well-informed families able to exercise real choice.

This means:

  • choice of place of care – home, hospital, or hospice
  • choice of place of death – home, hospice or hospital
  • choice in bereavement care and support

Every child or young person in Scotland with a life-shortening condition, regardless of race, religion, age or where they live, should have access to the sustainable, holistic, family-centred and high quality palliative care and support that they need.

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