All Wales Managed Clinical Network

This forum invites membership from the North Wales and South Wales networks.

The Network provides an all Wales tertiary service, as well as local secondary support in the care of children with any life-shortening condition, malignant or otherwise. It is administratively based at the Children’s Hospital in Cardiff, but individual members of the Network have their base in each of the Health Boards of the Principality, as well as the children’s hospices that serve Wales. Its core members are the doctors, nurses and therapists delivering clinical care and other professionals are co-opted as is appropriate.

The aim of the Network is to support children and their families with life-shortening conditions by facilitating the delivery of appropriate specialist care in whatever clinical environment the child is located. In practice, care is delivered through:

  • Specialist palliative care clinics in Boards and selected special schools across the Principality.
  • Medical Support (Consultant or GP led as is necessary) for children in Ty Hafan and Ty Gobaith children’s hospices.
  • Local support through local lead in children’s palliative care in each of the Health Boards in Wales.
  • Telephone advice as needed.
  • Dissemination of Wales wide guidelines and other resources.
  • Domiciliary visits by doctors and nurses in the Network.
  • Ward visits as needed.

The Network meets twice a year, and tertiary multi-disciplinary team meetings are held weekly at the Children’s Hospital. The subgroup meet regularly to plan education and training, and to work on target activities e.g. advanced care planning, nurse verification and toolkit development.

The Welsh Managed Clinical Network in Paediatric Palliative Medicine was originally formed following the Children and Young People Specialist Services Report in 2007. Since then, it has grown and, together with the All Wales Paediatric Palliative Care Forum, was able to give evidence to the Sugar Report in 2010. Following that report, the Network was given the further task of taking forward the recommendations of the Sugar Report in respect of children’s palliative care services in Wales and was expanded to include local lead teams in most of the Boards in Wales.

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North Wales  

This network meets on a twice yearly basis and membership is open to interested practitioners working in the local area.

The network covers Northern Wales and its providers from Cheshire and Merseyside

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South Wales  

This network meets on a quarterly basis and membership is open to interested practitioners working in the local area.   

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