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Scottish Affairs Committee Welfare policy in Scotland inquiry

Consultation opens
24 June - 30 August 2019
Deadline to submit comments to Together for Short Lives
23 August 2019
Deadline to submit comments to Scottish Affairs Committee
30 August 2019

The Scottish Affairs Committee has launched an inquiry into Welfare in Scotland. The Committee will consider the following questions:

  • What are the unique drivers of inequality in Scotland? Does Scotland have different welfare needs from the rest of the UK?
  • How well is Universal Credit working in Scotland? Are there issues with Universal Credit that are specific to Scotland compared to the rest of the UK?
  • What impact has the Benefit Cap had in Scotland? Have certain communities been more disproportionally affected than others?
  • What is the impact of the Two-Child Limit on families in Scotland?
  • How effective has cooperation been between the UK and Scottish Governments on the devolution of new welfare powers to Scotland?
  • What challenges are posed by the DWP administrating benefits on behalf of the Scottish Government? How can these challenges best be managed?
  • What changes might be necessary to help manage the transfer of claimants and data from the Department of Work & Pensions to Social Security Scotland?
  • What impact could diverging welfare policies in Scotland and the rest of the UK have on welfare claimants in Scotland?

You can read more about the consultation, and read the consultation documents, here.

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