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Wiktor’s story: a battle for life

Wiktor with Borys, Aga and Lucas

Triplets Wiktor, Borys and Alexander were born three months premature because of complications during Aga’s pregnancy. Unfortunately, Alexander suffered severe brain damage and passed away a few hours after birth. For a month, the doctors battled constantly to stabilise Wiktor and Borys and after three months of care, Borys was finally discharged from the hospital. Wiktor, however stayed in the Intensive Care Unit for a year battling for his life.

Wiktor suffered several life-threatening complications during this year which caused Cerebral Palsy. As a result, Wiktor is unable to talk, and his illness affects the muscles in his hands and legs. Medication and liquid food are ingested directly into his stomach through a tube.

Flu has threatened Wiktor’s life at least five times which is mentally and physically exhausting for the family. Aga says: “Each time he goes to hospital we never know how it will end. His health is unpredictable, and we found him twice in his bed in a critical condition when he couldn’t breathe.”

Wiktor and the family are supported by several care service providers, including Noah’s Ark Hospice in London. The Sibling Support Programme at the hospice has enabled Borys to spend time with other children and engage with them and allow Aga and Lucas the freedom to devote more time to Wiktor.

Noah’s Ark Hospice are one of the 54 children’s hospices Together for Short Lives raise awareness and funds for to continue the vital care they give to thousands of babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions right across the UK.

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