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How grief changes, as time passes

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Firstly, everyone is individual and experiences grief, even the same kind of loss, differently, although there will inevitably be some of the same feelings involved.

I am now 23 and 21 years down the road now from the loss of our sweet girls Laura and Lynn. In some ways I feel it is harder as time passes and I think that is partly to do with growing older myself, and the sadness of not having our girls here with us, as we head into the last part of our own lives. It is also difficult to see our friends, (even some who have sadly lost a child), lucky enough to have other children and grandchildren in their lives. I am of course happy for them, but it highlights our loss even more, and nothing can change that.

I’ve said before that in the early days, the pain of the loss is unbearable, but as time passes, it eases, though never goes. Life moves on and if you’re lucky and strong enough, you move on with it, wondering what might have been, thinking of your children and what they would be like as adults and how their lives would have panned out? Thinking of the grandchildren you might have had? The heartache always with you.

I am lucky to feel Laura and Lynn close by in spirit, and to remember and appreciate the precious memories. I remind myself that they would want us to live our lives, especially as we are lucky to have pretty good health as we now grow older. So,

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