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RCN – Palliative Care for Children and Young People (2012)

Across the UK, there are a small number of children and young people (CYP), who require palliative care, beginning at the time of diagnosis of a life-limiting or life-threatening condition.

Together for Short Lives defines this palliative care as “an active and total approach to care, from the point of diagnosis or recognition throughout the child’s life, death and beyond. It embraces physical, emotional, support and spiritual elements and focuses on enhancement of quality of life for the child/young person and support for the family.”

The framework builds on but does not duplicate core competence frameworks for nursing staff working with children and young people. It specifies the particular competences, performance and required knowledge/understanding to provide palliative care to a high quality.

The framework draws on the most recent evidence – based standards and guidance as well as more general evidence – based resources.

This publication was published in November 2012 and is being reviewed.

The guide is available as a free download using the link on this page.

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