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Storytelling (Communications webinar)

This one hour webinar from July 2019 is for people in communications and marketing roles in Together for Short Lives member organisations.

The presenter, Karen Ackerman covers:

  • The elements that make a great story: compelling human stories, a journey, and keeping it simple – using examples from Facebook and websites to demonstrate best practice.
  • What type of stories work best where? Visual, video or text?
  • Simple tips and tools to help you create visual stories, e.g. Canva, and shooting on phones.

There is also a Q&A and discussion at the end of the webinar.

Karen Ackerman is Head of Marketing and Communications at Camp Simcha, the Jewish community’s charity for seriously-ill children. She also runs the consultancy Mediastories where she specialises in producing films and advising charities on storytelling as well as training in both storytelling and film-making.

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