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Bereavement by suicide – supporting children, young people and families

16 October 2018, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Child Bereavement UK
Enable Law Offices 100 Victoria Street Bristol BS1 6HZ

Deepen your understanding of the effects of bereavement by suicide on families, and increase your confidence when communicating with bereaved children and families.

This session is suitable for anyone whose work involves supporting those who have experienced this traumatic type of bereavement.

Learning outcomes-
increase awareness of the particular complications of this type of loss

develop greater confidence in providing support and communicating with families and children

gain information regarding suicide facts and the myths and gain a better understanding of those more at risk of attempting suicide

increase awareness of the effect on us when working with those bereaved by suicide

explore and develop our self-awareness and support for ourselves

gain information about Child Bereavement UK, other similar support organisations and resources available.

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