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Neonatal Conference: Managing parent’s expectations – building positive relationships

5 February 2019, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Child Bereavement UK
The Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews London W1G 9DT

Building on the success of this annual event, we are delighted to announce that we now have a full and exciting programme of speakers. This conference will focus on some of the challenges we face as professionals working in a neonatal unit, including, having difficult conversations, breaking bad news and how best to manage parents’ expectations.

Neonatal conference programme
Professor Neil Marlow and Dr Katie Gallagher
University College London
Parental involvement in neonatal critical care decision making

Laura de Rooy
St Georges NHS Foundation Trust
Sharing the decision making process – a personal perspective

Alex Mancini
Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust & The True Colours Trust
When do we begin the conversation about limiting life-sustaining treatment?

Sarah Barclay
Medical Mediation Foundation
Mediation: An approach to intractable disputes between parents and paediatricians

Emma and Matt Smith
Parent speakers: Surviving SCBU
Child Bereavement UK’s conferences always include the voice of bereaved families whose experience is important in helping professionals to understand and meet their needs. Bereaved parents Emma and Matt, will be talking about their experience of life in a busy neonatal unit.

Panel discussion:
Is anything possible? – managing parents’ expectations
Following the success of last year’s panel discussion, we will once again be chairing a discussion with a panel of experts in the world of neonatology. Each panel member will share their professional experience about difficult conversations, breaking bad news and how best to manage parents’ expectations. The audience will then be invited to join in the discussion.

Jocelyn Cornwell
The Point of Care Foundation
The impact of Schwartz Rounds within an NHS setting

Karen Lafferty
Child Bereavement UK
Setting up a bereavement support service within an NHS Trust

Please note, speakers and sessions for this conference are subject to change

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