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Supporting parents through pregnancy loss and the death of a baby

11 December 2018, 10:00am - 4:00pm
Child Bereavement UK
The Beethoven Centre Queen’s Park London W10 4JL

Explore the impact that pregnancy loss and the death of a baby can have on a family looking at up-to-date research and the National Bereavement Care Pathway (2017).

This workshop is for those whose work brings them into contact with families grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage, termination due to fetal anomaly, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Learning outcomes-
explore and develop self-awareness in relation to loss, grief and bereavement
recognise physical and emotional reactions to grief
gain an understanding of what parents may need when they are faced with the death of their baby
be aware of current guidelines, research and initiatives around baby loss and bereavement support
be aware of current baby death statistics and data
relate theories of grief to practices in the workplace
gain an insight into differing faiths, beliefs and cultures
explore and experience ways to support ourselves and our colleagues
gain information about Child Bereavement UK and other support organisations and resources available

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