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Volunteering has given me a new outlook on life

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For the past 9 months, I have been spending my Wednesday mornings volunteering at Together for Short Lives.

On my first day I didn’t know what to expect. I had always had a belief that hospices were dark and gloomy places and therefore assumed a charity that supported these hospices and seriously ill children directly, would be the same. However, this was most certainly not the case. I was immediately bowled over and in awe of the care and compassion the Together for Short Lives team show towards their work, day in and day out, and their unbridled joy and passion for what they do. They have shown me that the word ‘hospice’ is not taboo, but in fact hospices are joyous places, full of happiness and hope.

From assisting with family support to becoming part of the fundraising team, I have gained some truly valuable experience in working in the Third Sector and learning about how the charity functions. There have been laughs, tears and many cups of tea and through it all, I have felt like a valued member of the team.

The word 'hospice' is not taboo, but in fact hospices are joyous places, full of happiness and hope.

Fiona Williams

My volunteering has also opened up many doors for me, recently leading to a secondment from my current job where I work full time. From July, I will be working two days a week at Together for Short Lives as an Engagement and Research Officer, an experience which would never have happened if it wasn’t for the incredible support that the Together for Short Lives team has given me.

I have now been given a fresh new outlook on life. It makes me very humbled to know that I will be working for a charity who actively support seriously ill children and their families as well as change public perception of hospices, and that my work will make a real difference.

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