Influencing policy

Together for Short Lives is the authoritative voice for children’s palliative care. We use this voice to influence policy across the UK, speaking up for children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions, their families and services which do so much to support them.

 Our influencing work aims to ensure that:

  • every child has access to children’s palliative care in the setting of their or their family’s choice and whenever they need it - 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • every child - and their family - has access to palliative care services, including children’s hospices, which are sustainable and fairly funded.
  • every child - and their family - gets a short break if they need one
  • services are more integrated around the needs of children and their families
  • every young person has a smooth transition from children’s to adult’s palliative care services - and can access age-appropriate services
  • services which provide palliative care to children - including children’s hospices - are regulated fairly and proportionately
  • there are sufficient numbers of skilled, competent professionals who are able to care for children with complex and life-limiting conditions
  • support to families of children who die with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions is improved
  • families receive help from the state to help mitigate the financial impact of caring for a child.

We produce regular policy briefings and respond to consultations run by the UK and devolved governments and other public bodies. We also submit evidence to parliamentary inquiries.

We are currently focused on influencing the following policy areas below. You can read about our work to bring about smoother transitions for young people and age-appropriate services on the Transition Taskforce webhub. Find out more about our eight policy priorities for the current Westminster Parliament here.