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Together for Short Lives hosts an international email based forum designed to share, exchange and debate approaches to children’s palliative care.

The online care forum, called PaedPalCare, is the go to place if you want to seek expert advice from the world’s most prominent children’s palliative care practitioners and join in the discussion about new innovations and approaches to caring for babies, children and young people with life-shortening conditions. The Online care forum is free and fully moderated.

The forum acts as a great support for practitioners, especially those working on their own, or in countries where children’s palliative care is a new specialty. Members of the forum are committed and quick to respond to questions and dilemmas. It’s a great way to learn and keep up to speed with the latest approaches to care, treatment and symptom management. Topics and discussions are wide-ranging, and include pain and symptom management; treatment approaches; drug doses and routes; and ethical issues such as withdrawing life-sustaining treatment.

You don’t have to be a children’s palliative care expert to join. Any practitioner or professional with an interest in the field can join. Our current members include nurses, doctors, social care professionals, physiotherapists, policy makers, teachers and bereavement specialists.

Signing up is easy, and just takes a few moments.

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