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Commission into the Future of Hospice Care

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A new report by the Commission into the Future of Hospice Care, released today, highlights the challenges facing hospices over the next 10-15 years.

Together for Short Lives welcomes the ambition that the Commission has set out for the future of hospice care, including children’s hospices, and particularly welcomes the focus on hospices strengthening partnership working in the future. Given the rapidly changing environment, we have a responsibility to prepare for and respond to changing needs, as the Commission’s report rightly shows. For example, more and more young people with life-limiting conditions are living longer and will need different hospice and palliative care into the future.

Barbara Gelb, Chief Executive of Together for Short Lives said;

As the UK lead for children’s palliative care, Together for Short Lives believes that the Commission has set out a compelling case for hospices to face the challenges ahead and accordingly ‘adapt and re- invent their contribution to care’.

Importantly, being “champions for change”; rejuvenating our workforces; developing new models of care and adapting existing services to meet changing demands for services; and encouraging greater collaboration and partnerships to maximise resources and increase efficiency.

From our debates and discussions with children’s hospice and palliative care services, we share the Commission’s optimism that the sector can respond positively. Together, we have begun to identify the opportunities for change, and it is evident just what an appetite there is for positively engaging with them.”

We hope today’s report acts as a catalyst for change in both the adult and children’s palliative care sectors. We echo its call for hospice services to adapt and diversify so they are equipped to face the opportunities and challenges they face in the future.

Download the full report, Future ambitions for hospice care: our mission and our opportunity LINK IS NEEDED HERE TO THE TWO ARTICLES

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