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Raphaella’s story: “I’m proud to be a Haven House nurse”

Nurse Raphaella speaks about her experience of working in children’s palliative care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and how families have been pushed to their limits.

“The children that we look after at Haven House are so vulnerable that the sense of responsibility to keep them safe whilst they are with us, and when they can’t be with us is overwhelming.” says Raphaella.

“Many of our parents say that caring for a life-limited child is a 24-hour role and thankfully they can normally access support to share this through school, networks of friends and carers.”

But when Covid hit, families were pushed to their limits, unable to access their normal support networks and ultimately were left feeling isolated and alone.
Raphaella explained how Haven House stepped up to support these families in crisis and provided them with respite when things got too difficult.

“Being a nurse through the pandemic was both scary and fulfilling”

“One of the most challenging elements of caring for a life-limited child can be the isolation the children and families feel when living with their condition. In better times, Haven House provides a vital community for these families to recharge and reconnect as well as meet others in similar situations.”

“Quickly adapting our working is a fresh challenge every day, but one that the nurses, carers and therapists have risen to magnificently.”

“Every day is a new challenge and our expert team of nurses and carers have amazed me with their flexibility and responsiveness. We have increased our bed capacity at short notice and are taking ever more complex children, sometimes straight from intensive care, in order to free up vital NHS beds.”

“The resilience and dedication they have shown in their determination to support our NHS colleagues and ensuring our families are looked after is awe-inspiring and makes me proud to be a nurse at Haven House.”

Pushed to the Limits

There are no limits to what nurses like Raphaella will do for families.

But right now, hospices like Haven House are being pushed to their limits. More and more families need their help – and that’s why we need you to push yourself to your limits by fundraising or making a donation directly today.

Will you push yourself to your limits, so children’s hospices aren’t pushed to theirs?


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