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Developing a research funding application

When seeking funding for a clinical research programme, it is best to take advice directly from the funder in terms of how they would like you to structure your application and the type of information they will be looking for.

Each funder has will have specific requirements – we’ve listed some of the most important sources of funding here:

Be mindful that specific guidance for each type of fellowship is likely to be specific to the funding round. It is therefore advised that you locate the funding round you are aiming for, and follow links to specific guidance for that round.

Other useful sources of information to support you in writing a funding application can be found below:

Research Design Service

To support you in the development of the research idea that will form the basis of your application, it is of value to speak to your local Research Design Service (RDS).

The RDS provides support to health, social care and public health researchers across England on all aspects of developing and writing a funding application, including research design, research methods, identifying funding sources and involving patients and the public. Advice is confidential and free of charge.

You can contact your local RDS by visiting this page.

This resource is produced by the CoPPAR network funded by the NIHR, you can find out more about CoPPAR here